Guwahati, Nov 2: Expression India which is a school based outreach program for promotion of Life Skills, Values Education, School Health and wellbeing, recently organized the All India Life Empowerment Programme in co-scholastic areas where mainly six disciplines namely i. Life Skills, Attitude and Values, ii. School, Family and Community Partnership, iii. Counseling Services, iv. Inclusive Education, v. Indian Art and Culture, vi. Health & Physical Wellbeing were taken into consideration.
Miles Bronson Residential School, Guwahati participated in different events and received a Jury Award for the Counselling Service in school and Meritorious Achievement Award in School, Family & Community Partnership. The school also received a Citation of Honour for co-scholastic development, awarded for distinguished participation. Dr. Nripen Kumar Dutta the Principal received the awards on behalf of the school.
The Award Ceremony was hosted on 31st Oct 2015 in New Delhi where Mr. Vineet Joshi IAS CBSE Chairman in the presence of eminent TV personality Mr. Rajat Sharma amongst many honoured the recipients of the prestigious awards.

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