Indian Public Schools' Conference (IPSC) accords membership to Miles Bronson Residential School

It's a matter of great prestige and honour that on the 76th IPSC Principals' Conclave held from 2nd to 3rd December at the Lawrance School, Lovedale, Ooty, MBRS was declared as the 83rd member of IPSC. Since the inception of the school in the year 1987, the Founder Principal Dr.N.K.Dutta had a dream to chariot the school to that platform where all the high performing schools congregate. This membership will open up a wide range of opportunities to the Bronsonians. They will take part, interact and compete among the member schools, which are regarded among the nation's best boarding schools. Over and above, it will develop what Cdr. V.K. Banga, Chairman of IPSC refers to as "A Public School Culture". The students will be fortunate enough to participate in various co-curricular and sports activities, a robust prefectorial system in place that will give them a feeling of being the stake-holders in their education. It's anticipated they will learn to become more disciplined, responsible and accountable to their task. Whatsoever, it's indeed a giant leap forward and being the youngest entry, the expectations are high. Patience, persistence and perseverance has actualized the dream and the day is not far when the world will become a haven of global citizens carrying the high esteemed flags of values and leadership.

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